This sophisticated and modern cosmetic line gives the skin the benefits of donkey milk. When there is no reliable natural alternative, we use synthetic molecules complying with worldwide legislation to offer products with safety and efficiency.

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We do not use parabens or other harmful products. Our Ecocert-certified Organic Donkey Milk makes up 5% of our formulas, because specialists believe that anything over 7% leads to conservation problems. To develop these products, we decided to work with a laboratory in Catalonia that ensures us of reliability and a cutting-edge Research and Development department.


We use low concentration of authorized preservatives. To do this, we deliberately choose packages called "Airless" for all our products. Indeed, only this packaging prevents air from entering the application bottle. The formulas are protected from oxidation and outdoor contamination, especially after opening, whereas a classic jar immediately becomes a culture broth. Thus, all our products have no expiration date.

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