We are constantly improving our formulas and work processes to offer more natural and eco-friendly products every day.

This unique cosmetic brand was created, by a lover of beauty, out of the desire to develop an original line of sophisticated products made with donkey milk. Christophe Gauquelin, who has always been fascinated by the sea and nature, began his professional career as captain in the merchant marine. Then, at the age of 30, another challenge came up; this would bring him closer to people and nature. He spent 10 years on a sailboat sailing the seas. Every port of call made him increasingly aware of the fragility of our planet. He also developed a passion for fragrances thanks to the olfactory journeys from one continent to another.

Back in Europe, he worked for a Swiss cosmetic company in Barcelona for over five years. Later on he came upon this white gold that is donkey milk. The product appealed to his timeless and artisanal side, but the project took time to materialize. He searched for the finest artisans and the right investors to support his project. In early 2011 the project was launched. He first introduced the soap line and then the cosmetic creams. Today his brand, DONKEYS and Co., and his company, THE DONKEY COMPANY, offer a high-quality alternative to professionals who would like to be part of an olfactory and a sensory journey into the world of cosmetics.

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