Donkeys and Co. is set up specifically to sell and provide services to professionals.

At a time, when everyone swears by Internet, we believe that the store is the most influential of all points of contact in terms of purchasing decisions. That is why we do not sell on our website, and at any time, we are competitive for our customers. If individuals call us to buy, we refer them to the nearest store (with postal code, we have access to this information immediately). If there is no store or wholesaler in the area, we allow ourselves to deliver directly. We do everything too to avoid having stores competing between them.

In this strategy, point-of-sale advertising is an effective weapon. That is why we have developed various tools: wooden displays (made by disabled), advertising signs, awnings for outdoor events, window stickers. Under certain conditions, we can also personalize our products.

Professionals (owners or store managers in the cosmetics, bath, gift or organics sectors, or spas and beauty centers, pharmacies, hotels and B&B’s) can contact us by filling in the attached information form. We will then send out appropriate information, samples and price list.

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