Our donkey milk soaps are made in Provence in a traditional way. The country of essential oils, perfume, lavender, clay and olive oil is indeed the world reference for soap manufacturing. The first known Marseille soap maker appeared in 1371; his name was Crescas Davin. Today, after the intensive use of synthetic surfactants used in liquid soaps, there is a renewed interest in traditional bar soap and natural products. Our donkey milk soaps are the result of this culture and this story. We have carefully developed 12 Certified Organic soaps using organic donkey milk.

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Our soaps are vegetable based and no animal fat is used. This common basis is Ecocert-certified organic. It consists of palm oil (extracted from the pulp of the palm fruit) palm kernel oil (extracted from the almond kernel of the palm fruit) from sustainable plantations in Colombia, and organic glycerin as a moisturizing source. This is a product that does not participate in the deforestation of primary forest in Indonesia (see details in "Donkeys and Co."). This base is very soft to the skin. We add our Ecocert-certified Organic donkey's milk produced in France, and then, depending on the soap, we add other oils and essential oils. 99% of the composition is natural and 83% organic. Our soaps are hand-crafted, paraben free, nor EDTA. Of course, they are not tested on animals. With their low water content, they last four times longer than ordinary soaps.


Our donkey milk soaps do not dry the skin; on the contrary, they moisturize the upper layers of the epidermis. They give you all the benefits of donkey milk, in particular the retinol and its tightening effect (see "Donkey Milk"). They are used for both body and face. Do not forget that the basis for any cosmetic care is a good daily cleaning of the skin. Our eight soaps come in two sizes: a 100 g bar and a 25 g bar, all moulded and presented in their original pillow-box. Each box enables you to see and smell the product. It also provides complete information on the characteristics of the soap.

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